Our goals are not just to clean the beach

We also want to share our findings

Our Beach Clean Goals

This year we have two objectives for our Great British Beach Clean

1) to comply with the aim in our Largo Communities Together Place Plan to keep our beaches pristine.
2) to feed the results of our Litter Collection into the Marine Conservation Society’s Database to influence National Policy.

We have 5 areas targeted for the 24th and you can sign up to input information to the data base and become a Citizen Scientist.

Here’s the link for the 5 areas along the bay-
THE TEMPLE: https://www.mcsuk.org/beach-cleans/friends-of-largo-bay-great-british-spring-clean-2024-24-03-2024/?fbclid=IwAR2OqLEjtGVZD9x2bor4Vq52Pda-SgXr04xAvBQnwbzZ09zUk5yvr-2iKQI

SILVERBURN: https://www.mcsuk.org/beach-cleans/friends-of-largo-bay-the-great-british-spring-clean-2024-24-03-2024/?fbclid=IwAR3DRIbR_uk2U9JDnB2DYTOuLPHsqkApVV2C-9fYKcP64FAqR-VBMJZpBjg

DUMBARNIE: https://www.mcsuk.org/beach-cleans/friends-of-largo-bay-the-great-british-spring-clean-2024-24-03-2024–2/?fbclid=IwAR3ShIqZeHEWYfPHYq9rbTQmFIw3o-7QiEhj6AAIBkjVziojI03b2pBJCCQ

LUNDIN GOLF CLUB: https://www.mcsuk.org/beach-cleans/friends-of-largo-bay-the-great-british-spring-clean-2024-24-03-2024–3/?fbclid=IwAR0zqaQFQ13Rg_VkUihYc77jt6TBxeHSZjG32oFINhrGi0CK7B2plq6C8dg

COCKLEMILL BURN/ RUDDON POINT: https://www.mcsuk.org/beach-cleans/friends-of-largo-bay-the-great-british-spring-clean-2024-24-03-2024–4/?fbclid=IwAR18B26mQUkVKlYyX6RGD8ZGfeQ4yegEa-VpaRlrkAYfrdfHTGzHWVsReBk

Please check out the area you wish to clean and also remember to register at : largobay@largocommunitiestogether.org.uk

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Whaley Good Science Saturday

On Saturday the 9th of March the volunteers of Friends of Largo Bay delivered a Science Saturday session at Largo Library and Community Hub on Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises.

They say Every Day is a Learning Day – certainly is when it is fact collecting and checking. A BIG shout out to our team of very enthusiastic and motivated volunteers who give freely of their time to plan and deliver.

We were too busy running around mythbusting and fact finding and watching very cool videos to take photos. Extras were left in the Largo Library and Community Hub, 7 Lundin Square so feel free to pick one up.

Did you know that the Sei Whale Sinks… rather than dive? Now you do… We also know why a seal is not a Cetacean and that the Orca is in fact a dolphin. Feel free to join in with other facts you would like to share.

The point of the session was to inform our young scientists and accompanying adults just what Cetaceans are right there on our very own doorstep – hidden depths indeed.
We had a fun information pack to give out at the end of the session so they can carry on their own enquiry at home.

Next up is our session on Spring Flowers on May 18th. More information to come…

( Thanks to Carol Duff for this update)

Community Update and Call to Action:


Our Warm Welcome Tuesdays and Warm Wednesdays events will be continuing until the end of March. Join us at 11 am on Tuesday mornings in Upper Largo, and from 11:30 am at the Largo Library and Community Hub. If transport is needed to either location, please do not hesitate to let us know. Many thanks to all the incredible people who have helped and all our attendees and the sponsors for this who included local Ewan Fraser. It has been a great way to gather and get to know people and we hope to build on it year by year.

Our efforts to celebrate our heritage, culture, and identity are underway. We are currently mapping out the intriguing and interesting features for heritage trails using our initial engagements as a starting point. While this process will take some time as we carefully consider all themes, access and needs. And we would love your input.

Some ideas we initially gathered are below.

We will follow up with some public meets, we are going to bring some ideas along to the Warm Welcomes next week and broaden it out to everyone as we go…

An initial trail will come from Leven to link up with the new railway and will be supported by Welcome Levenmouth.

We are also planning for our  annual Big Picnic at the beginning of June, which will coinciding with the Levenmouth Railway opening. We encourage all community groups across Levenmouth to participate in activities during that week. Are you going to get involved? Let us know what your requirements are!

The latest edition of Largo Links has been distributed or is on its way to every household in the area. This issue includes summarised information on the local place plan and community action plan in a booklet insert, providing valuable insights into our collective vision for the future,  so many great things is already underway by various groups and individuals but it is also good to have a framework for actions to help guide what we support. We have been asked by the Development Trust Association of Scotland to share our Local Place Plan experience later on this month in Edinburgh as so many communities are keen to have their say on local development.

Progress on crucial projects such as beach wheelchairs and Changing Places Toilets is ongoing, and there has been a huge amount of work done already by several very committed people. We appreciate your patience and support as we work to enhance accessibility in our community and we will need your help once things are going to help with all the maintenance. Many people are currently unable to access one of the most popular features in the area due to access issues, and it will be  amazing to offer better access to everyone.

Our biodiversity/coastal group  Friends of Largo Bay is diligently working on data collection regarding litter and organising a biodiversity walk for next month. ( more on that soon)

Friends of Largo Bay also invite you to join them for our first beach clean of the year, The Great British Spring Clean.

Last year, they removed an impressive 2 tonnes of detritus from the beach thanks to local Farmer Bill Clarke too for his help, and are eager to surpass that achievement together this time. We need your help !!

Here are the muster points for the beach clean:

A: Silverburn car park

B: Lundin Golf Club car park

C: Temple car park

D: Dumbarnie Nature Reserve

E: Ruddons Point at Cocklemill Burn, accessed through Elie Holiday Park.

Please email largobay@largocommunitiestogether.org.uk with your preferred location and the number of volunteers in your party. Sign up now 🙂

We have a limited number of litter pickers available for younger volunteers, so please let us know if they are required.

As a token of appreciation, several local businesses have generously offered discounts on the day of the beach clean:

– The Cottage Window Cafe, Silverburn Park, Leven

– The Aurrie, Lower Largo

– Lundin Coffee Co., Lundin Links

– The Mirador Cafe, Elie Holiday Park at Shell Bay.

We are immensely grateful for their support.

(The Science Saturday on Whales and Dolphins has completely booked out ! Great result 🙂 They will have a whaley good time tomorrow)

Lundin Mill Primary School Updates

The Lundin Mill P7’s are organising and hosting a Spring Fayre on the 22nd March in order to raise much needed funds towards their end of year celebration and their leavers hoodies.

The children have asked if there is anyone in our generous community who would kindly donate any raffle prizes or tombola goodies. Any help would be greatly appreciated and one of us is happy to collect. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, any items/prizes can be dropped off at the Lundin Mill school office. As ever, thank you for your continued support.

Also a great update: As some of you may have seen, Lundin Mill Primary has started a Walking Bus in the mornings in an attempt to ease up on traffic/congestion at drop off and thus keeping our kids safer and our residents happier (and it also promotes active travel to school!). They leave from the corner of Crescent Road and Emsdorf every morning at 8:45 a.m. and  have had a really good amount of children sign up and they really enjoy it. Look out for us in our fab hi viz next time you’re in the area!

Also there is still time to get in to see the 50th anniversary of Lundin Mill displays:  Due to the success of the 50th anniversary celebration Lundin Mill Primary will extend their open days tomorrow and next week, finishing on Thursday 14th March. The school will be open to visitors from 10am to 6pm so please come along and have a look at the lovely displays the children have worked hard at creating.

Please note any under 16s should be accompanied by an adult

Also: We are also looking for  help with fundraising – if you have the skills and time we would love to hear from you – email chair@largocommunitiestogether.org.uk

Huge thanks again for all the support and input ! Please get in touch with anything at all priya@largocommunitiestogether.org.uk

AGM and Community Actions


A heartfelt thank you to everyone, and we eagerly look forward to what’s ahead!

Hello All,

As we approach the end of another eventful year, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support and active participation in our community’s growth and development.

🌟 Major Milestone: We are delighted to share that our Local Place Plan has been officially submitted to Fife Council after taking peoples comments and feedback on board. This accomplishment is a testament to the collective effort of so many and their commitment. In the coming new year, we are excited to begin work in earnest on our Community Action Plan, continuing to build on the momentum we have gained. The link to Place Plan is here: https://arcg.is/rP151.

💡 Your Impact: Your feedback and input have been invaluable in shaping our initiatives. This year, we’ve seen remarkable successes, thanks to your engagement:

  • Changing Places Toilets Group: Their incredible work will significantly enhance accessibility and inclusivity in our area by ensuring the Temple Car Park is home to new Changing Places Toilets.
  • Friends of Largo Bay: The numerous creative, beach cleans and biodiverse activities organized have brought our community closer to nature and each other.
  • School Travel Plan Collaboration: Together, we’re making strides towards safer and more sustainable travel for our children.
  • AGM Participation: The great turnout at our AGM reflected your commitment to our community’s future.
  • Warm Welcome Days: These events have successfully fostered a sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • Largo Links: This valued publication continues to hit your doormats four times a year thanks to a very dedicated team.

🌱 Looking Ahead: Our subgroup leaders are tirelessly working on various initiatives, including active travel, heritage initiatives, pier restoration, biodiversity monitoring, and community resilience and emergency planning. Your continued support in these areas will help us achieve more remarkable milestones.

🎄 Season’s Greetings: As we celebrate these achievements, we also encourage you to take a well-deserved break this holiday season. Have a restful and joyful Christmas!

📃 Local Place Plan Summary: The final draft of our Local Place Plan serves as a blueprint for sustainable development in the Largo Area. Key proposals include, road safety proposals and infrastructure enhancements, active travel and accessibility initiatives, environmental stewardship, cultural enhancement and retention, and heritage preservation. This comprehensive plan is our guide towards a thriving, resilient, and cohesive community and will be accompanied by some exciting actions over the next few months.

We look forward to another year of meaningful progress and collaboration.

🌊 A few updates and a reminder that you can get involved in it all…


Hi All,

I hope this email finds you well. Yesterday  was a momentous day for Friends of Largo Bay, and I’m thrilled to share their exciting updates with you.

Seagrass Day at Largo Bay 🌱:

Yesterday was Seagrass Day, and we were blessed with wonderful sunshine ☀️. With the full support of 19 dedicated volunteers, Friends of Largo Bay conducted a survey of a section of the Bay to determine the number of seagrass colonies growing there.

Over the past few months, they have identified five colonies of variable sizes, but today’s painstaking and time-consuming observation rewarded us with the find of an additional sixth colony!

Not only did they discover this new colony, but they also found a fair number of plants with seed pods.

A huge thank you 🙏 to everyone who contributed with  time, enthusiasm, and great company.

Upcoming Beach Clean

The next Friends of Largo Bay Beach Clean is on the 26th of August at Silverburn and we want you there !

All details on the poster below.

If you want to help the Friends of Largo Bay table at the Big Picnic, get in touch as it would be very much appreciated by all.

Final Fife Seaweed Farm Workshop 🌊:

Don’t forget, the final Fife Seaweed farm workshop is on tomorrow evening with Fantastic Herbalist Anna Kinross and Local Food Ambassador Christopher Trotter. They’ll be sharing their insights on the possibilities and potencies of Seaweed.

This promises to be an enlightening event, and we hope to see many of you there.

FREE and no booking is required! 🎉

🗓️ It’s Happening  August 8th

📍 Join Us At: Largo Library and Community Hub

⏰ We Kick-Off At: 7pm

Take part in this adventure in the intriguing, awe-inspiring world of seaweed which has been generously sponsored by The Crown Estate.

A Reminder: The Big Picnic is Back!

Fellow Picnic Enthusiasts!

Guess what’s back on the calendar? The much-loved, big picnic event! We are all set to bring the fun back on the 27th of August 2023, and we would be delighted to see you there!

Are you part of a community group and keen to take part in this day of joy and camaraderie? If so don’t hesitate, reach out to us and let’s add even more sparkle to this day. Either way invite your pals and pack your favourite picnic goodies to relish amidst the cheerful festivities. Let’s hope we see the Sun too!.

We’re also scouting for a melody maestro or a groovy band to add some foot-tapping charm to the event. Know someone or have the talent yourself? We would be thrilled to hear you play live at the picnic! 🎵

Last but not least, we have an exciting announcement to make. By the time we meet for the picnic, our draft Local Place Plan will be ready for your perusal. We’d love for you to swing by, say hello, and share your valuable feedback on the plan before we finalize it. 📜

So, come along and let’s create unforgettable memories together!

Can’t wait to see you!

A few updates

At our next (and final Build Our Place Plan) workshop, we’ll explore the natural environment, conservation, and recreation.

Join us, no special knowledge required just curiosity!

As a community we are exploring how to manage natural spaces including Land, Rivers, and Sea and connections to wild spaces  for today and the future and considering the needs of people who live here.

Let’s explore what’s here now and what’s possible.  

In addition, we will look at how this connects with  groups and organisations that can help.

We will gather on Wednesday, June 21st, we will begin at 6:30pm at Durham Hall in Lower Largo. Feel free to come along, settle in and enjoy a cup of tea anytime from 6pm

Although it’s usually a little earlier, we will definitely wrap up by 9pm.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits are always available!

Follow the link below to let us know if you can attend.

Tell anyone you think would be interested who is not on our mailing list about the event.

Please let us know in advance if you require any assistance to participate.

Thank you.

(We are also always looking for people to take things forward so let us know if you can help with any of our projects by replying to this email.)

Register for environment, conservation and recreation  

Pony Axes Return

Pony Axe S takes people who use wheelchairs to all the places where wheelchairs can’t take them.

It was such a great success when they came before !

There is no need to transfer to all terrain or beach wheelchairs, no need to leave your wheelchair behind.

They take you, in your wheelchair, anywhere & we are now taking bookings for some specially arranged dates in Lower Largo !

The dates for Pony AxeS events this summer are:

  • Monday 3rd of July
  • Tuesday 4th of July
  • Tuesday 22nd of  August
  • Wednesday 23rd of August

Time – 10.30-4.30 approximately – pony dependent!

Check out www.ponyaxes.com to get more background on this amazing organisation.

Please click below to book.

We will communicate to get a time to suit if your first choice isn’t available as it may book out quickly!

Book Pony AxeS now!

Fathers Day Beach Clean

It’s the best way to spend Fathers Day, we promise!

Come along and join in with this beach clean, and  if you can bring your dad – do ( and anyone else ) enjoy a pickers perk afterwards in the sea air .

We always have such a great time and get so much shifted.

Sign up to Friends of Largo Bay

Largo Area Community Council

The Largo Area Community Council monthly meeting is on at  –

The Stables Church Place Upper Largo

This coming Monday 19.06.23 at 7pm

Fife Seaweed Farm Workshops

The next workshops are in Crail Community Hall:

Wednesday 21st June
Crail Community Hall, Crail.  7.00pm – 8.30pm
Christopher Trotter, Fife’s Food Ambassador and local food expert.

Tuesday 27th June
Crail Community Hall, Crail,  7.00pm – 8.30pm
Wave and Laura Co-Founders of Seagrown, a seaweed farm in Scarborough on trade secrets and growing seaweed for profit and community benefit.

No need to register, just turn up!

New Baby and Toddler Group in New Gilston – all details below

What’s on Page

Have you visited our What’s On Page ?

Add your events and regular classes or have a browse. We are just developing so any feedback welcome.

Thanks All For Coming Along


Our next deeper dive workshop is on the 3rd of May

Book in now to have your say

We would love to have you to our next deeper dive workshop.

This workshop will cover hot topics such as accessible pathways, getting around the villages,  traffic and parking  these came up a lot when we first surveyed the community. We know that there are opportunities to build and improve pathways that can be used by all ages and accommodate mobility scooters, prams, bikes and are safe for children.

There are a few areas that have already come up as particularly in need of improvement and we want to hear your voice.

We will also gather your ideas for dealing with speed, parking and traffic density.

Our aim is to support community aspirations and co-create projects and actions that encourage an easy place to get around for everyone.  

This will be on Wednesday the 3rd of May The Paxton Centre in Lundin Links from 6pm until 9pm – it is not a drop in so come at 6 to start for 6:30.

Please register by following the link below so we can get an idea of numbers.

Register for Moving Around, Our Connected Villages

A huge thank you to our fantastic community facilitators, the many volunteers who kept things organised and the tea flowing and Dave Wishart and Chiara Fingland who came to add their time, help and expertise to Tuesday evenings event in the Simpson Institute.

And we really appreciate everyone who joined us on such a lovely sunny evening to share their experience and insights.

We got so much useful feedback and it will all go into a bank of actions and projects to be prioritised by the community over Summer.

We will keep you updated and it will all go a long way to helping make what is already happening more resilient too.

Below is the full run, one down four to go…

The Local Place Plan information boards are still at the Largo Library and more information is below.

As always get in touch if you want more information or need assistance including transport to participate.

Storymap Largo Area Local Place Plan

Be A Friend To Largo Bay !

There is another Friends of Largo Bay beach clean this weekend !

Elie to Cockleburn all details in the below poster.

Send an email to largobay@largocommunitiestogether.org.uk to let them know you’re coming.

Lundie Coffee Company, Lundin Links will be offering pickers perks ( discounts ) for anyone who participates too !