Largo Communities Together Membership

LCT Membership

We hope the majority of the community in our area will become members of LCT - it is exciting what a community can achieve together.

The community within LCT’s boundary is around 3,000 individuals living in the villages of Lundin Links, Lower Largo, Upper Largo, Woodside, New Gilston, Newburn and Drumeldrie in East Fife, adjacent to Largo Bay in the Firth of Forth. As it is a rural community there are a good number of farms as well.


We currently have more than 240 members, but our goal is to achieve many more.

Getting Involved

If you would like to be more involved perhaps you could participate in one of the areas below:

Membership Form

Our Membership Form allows us to capture your basic contact details and requires you to declare whether you are a local resident. (We welcome associate members form outside the area who are interested in our work)

You can return your completed membership form either by post or in person, or alternatively you could scan it and email it to us. See the Contact Us page for more details.