Largo Communities Together

Horticulture and Landscaping

Horticultural Vision

To provide a community focus - a honeypot of activities and facilities. A fun, beautiful, appropriate and practical horticultural experience to envelope the Largo House Experience.

Horticulture weaves through the entire project, namely: community involvement, engagement and sustainability, Education and Wellbeing, Commerce, Tourism, and Heritage. It is `integral to the delivery of all of the above.

A Largo House development must provide commercial opportunities as well as a community facility. This is essential to long term sustainability.

Horticulture and its historical context

  1. The house and its occupants – restore some of original plans/plants. Work to stabilise ruins – backdrop for plantings
  2. The immediate gardens including restoring the Sir Andrew Woods canal
  3. The links to the area where Alexander Selkirk grew up - The Robinson Crusoe story

Horticulture and Tourism

  1. Robinson Crusoe: – potential exotic island jungle effect
  2. East Neuk Garden Gate(way):- A reflection and celebration of the great gardens of the East Neuk of Fife and to signpost where to go
  3. Performance area -

Horticulture and Tourism Local (Seasonal)

  1. Performance / exhibition area
  2. Space to be – inside and out
  3. Teaching (public, children & professional) space/consideration inside and out

Horticulture and Community

  1. Involve in every aspect from restoring the gardens to inspiring and feeding the locals…and just be a pleasant place to come for a walk -

Horticulture and Produce

  1. Supply own and local catering
  2. Supply locals directly
  3. Allotments -

Horticulture and sustainability

  1. Low tech, eg composting, green roofs
  2. High tech, eg PV panels -

Horticulture and Health & Wellbeing


Gardens must provide flexible space for the following:

  1. Restoration projects, buildings and gardens
  2. Outdoor and indoor “classroom” – facilities for children and adults -
  3. Health and Wellbeing – engagement with trellis -
  4. Easy Access – path network, road crossings, parking and cycle access
  5. Food source – Community and on-site catering
  6. Spectacle – old and new - restored gardens new plantings and vistas; show gardens; seasonal gardens and gateway to the East Neuk
  7. Opportunity to embrace renewables
  8. Be fun and provide space for you to be whatever you want to be
  9. Easy Access – path network, road crossings, parking and cycle access

Community Consultation Comments on Horticulture

A selection of comments from interested individuals between September 2018 and January 2019.