Largo Communities Together

Education and Environment

Our Overall Vision

We aim for a future in which Largo House and its grounds are cherished and celebrated as a place which enriches the lives of the people of Fife.


To create an inclusive, connected community of sharing and learning, in and around Largo House.


To develop proposals for the Largo House project around the themes of education and the environment which:

  1. Chime with local people
  2. Add value to the overall project and help to achieve the vision,
  3. Are costed and feasible


  1. Undertake desk research into pre existing models and ideas
  2. Gather ideas for activities and facilities, including from members of the local community
  3. Test a selection of concepts through focus groups or community consultation
  4. Identify those concepts which have best chance of success and greatest impact
  5. Engage in more detailed planning for these concepts (resource needs, timelines, sources for further information, expertise and so on)

Community Consultation Comments on Education & Environment

A selection of comments from interested individuals between September 2018 and January 2019.