Largo Communties Together News


11th Janauary 2020

Our January board meeting will take place at 19:00 on Monday 13th January 2020 in the Largo Community Library and Hub on Crescent Road, Lundin Links.


23rd November 2019

We are delighted to share the news that temporary repairs to our pier will be carried out by Alastair Cook on Thursday 28th November.

The main objective is to fill the two holes which have grown on the upper part of the east side. They are being filled with stone.

The structural engineering and QS survey mentioned below has now been done. We expect their full proposals for reconstruction before Christmas.

All this work is carried out with the hotel owners approval.

Once it’s done we will post an update with photos, and, if you’re around, pop down and see for yourself.

There is a long road to go yet. If you wish to join us, offer help, support etc, our membership form can be downloaded from the Contact page on this website. It’s £1 to join. We now have 380 village members.


26th October 2019

As part of Largo Communities Together (LCT), the Largo Pier Group headed by Jimmy Simpson and a very able team of local people who wish to see our pier restored have been working away in the background.

So far, they have secured a Memorandum of Understanding with the owner, £8000 to complete the preliminary civil engineering assessment, and have just contracted with a local firm to do temporary repairs before the winter sets in.

The Pier group are all local volunteers, there is still a mountain to climb to secure funds for rebuilding, we do understand the enormity of the task. We have completed some community consultations over the summer during Largo Arts Week and have had meetings with residents in the last 6 weeks who are directly affected by the pier.

All their views have been recorded to help with the applications for future re-build funding. Anyone can input their views or make offers of help by emailing the Pier Subgroup from the Contact page on this website.


21st October 2019

We are very pleased to be able to invite you to the first AGM of Largo Communities Together.

We will hold this AGM on the 21st October this year in the Largo Community Library and Hub on Crescent Road, Lundin Links at 7pm.

All members are invited, and Ordinary Members will be entitled to vote on any motions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our AGM.

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